Support and Services

Professional services could be required at many different points over the course of a Centre’s growth and development.  Feng shui evaluation, as well as architectural, interior or landscape design, all offer an opportunity to explore and clarify the Guiding Principles involved in creating a building or environment that expresses our unique Shambhala culture. With that in mind, the Panel encourages hiring Shambhala professionals as part of the local Design Team.  Please go to Design Services on this site for more details.

It should be understood that any real-estate transactions or major investments need to be reviewed and approved by the Chagdzo Kyi Khyap, Ms. Connie Brock.  With that in mind, Centre leadership is encouraged to get in touch with Ms. Brock [email protected] if you are seriously considering any major renovations to your facilities, or have any plans to relocate your Centre.

It should also be noted that before entering into contracts for the purchase or financing of real estate, please contact Mr Alex Halpern [email protected], Chief Legal Counsel to the Shambhala Mandala, to review and approve legal documents and answer questions.  It is advisable to use local legal counsel as well.