2.0 Design Phase
The Design Phase includes the following steps that reflect the order with which a Centre should proceed with the design work:
2.1 Schematic Design: describing the project through drawings in plan, elevation and section that are to scale, but often in a loose or sketch format, along with a preliminary selection of building materials and mechanical / electrical / structural systems for the project. This step would include analysis of applicable building code requirements.
• Review Process:
2.2 Sustainability Evaluation: determine the level of sustainability that is preferred for the project in terms of building envelope and energy systems. This will be directly impacted on whether the space is rented or purchased.
2.4 Design Development: describing the entire project in more detail, including interior elevations, reflected ceilings, typical floor and wall sections, and all the various schedules, such as door, window, equipment and so on. Coordinating all of those elements with any structural, mechanical, electrical or other engineered systems that may be required for the project.
• Review Process:
2.5 Interior Design: selecting all plumbing and lighting fixtures, appliances, cabinetry, hardware, trim and millwork, finish materials and colors, as well as any details or special layouts for those elements, as required for the project. This can be a part of the set of architectural documents, depending on the scope of those services. Selecting window coverings, furniture and artwork can also be included. This would also include the selection of applicable graphics, iconography, signage and heraldry to be included in the project.
• Review Process:

2.6 Landscape Design: integrating any outdoor space into the overall project design. Describing and detailing any grading, drainage systems, sprinkler systems, plantings, pathways, water features, patios, walls, fences, trellises, gazeboes, or other garden structures for the project. Some of this may be included in the set of architectural documents, depending on the scope of those services.
• Review Process:
2.7 Construction Documentation: completing a full set of architectural / engineering documents with all the necessary drawings, notes, dimensions, details and specifications necessary for the permitting and actual construction of the project.
2.8 Construction Administration: representing the Centre in overseeing the construction work to ensure that the actual project is built according to the construction documentation including approval of all invoices from the Contractor.