Development Process (Full Details)

Development Process
The following provides a description the Development Process as an aide to the Shambhala Land and Urban Centres (referred to after this as the Centre) in their consideration of how to choose new space, make decisions on how much space, site selection, design of the proposed space and the renovation / construction processes.
In addition this section describes how the Sakyong’s Environmental Panel might be involved with a Centre, during the different phases of development. One or more of these phases are typically part of the improvement or expansion of any Centre’s facilities.
Steering Committee
Each Centre should create a Steering Committee to provide oversight of the different stages of Development. This group could see the members change as the Centre moves from one Phase of Development to another based on the skills of the Steering Committee members.
The Steering Committee is responsible for selecting / hiring outside consultants for the pre-design services (or utilizing experienced community members for this service or a combination), hiring of the design team and hiring the contractor / project manager.
In addition, the Steering Committee needs to work in close coordination with the Fund Raising / Capital Planning group at the Centre to provide applicable information at each phase to facilitate the Fund Raising planning process.
Finally, the Steering Committee should ensure that community input is received during each phase of the work to keep the community engaged and to ensure that the community voices are heard with regard to the planning decisions being made.
It is also important to note that there are innumerable causes and conditions that determine which phase(s) and to which degree a particular Centre may need to utilize each step as described.
Phases of the Development Process
Essentially, there are three phases in the Development Process:
1.0 Pre-Design;
2.0 Design; and
3.0 Construction.
See the related menu tabs for more detail on the steps of each phase and the proposed review process. As noted earlier, the degree to which a Centre utilizes these steps will vary depending on the scope of the projects.