Designing a New Urban Centre

Choosing a site and designing the space for new Shambhala Urban Centers

The communication and request for assistance needs to be initiated by the client (the center). Therefore, the document launching the panel must be sent out to all Shambhala Centers.

A. Identifying the drala patterns of the region

1. Use aerial maps to identify drala basins for initial search of new site.

  • this fengshui work can be done off-site by Dr. Eva Wong or one of her associates through the use of Google Earth and/or Topo USA.  To contact Dr. Wong Email: [email protected].  For Europe contact Peter van der Molen: [email protected], and for Canada Gina Stick: [email protected]
  • guidelines on understanding land drala and fengshui principles can be found on Eva’s fengshui website and the fengshui section of the panel’s website.

2. Site visit – consultant on the ground

  • meet with local search/development group
  • education of local leadership and community
  • drive around and scout possible sites
  • recommend optimal types of buildings

3. Post site-visit

  • give feedback and recommendation on potential sites identified by local center. Can be done with photos and Google links.

B. Choosing a building

1. Determine the type of building appropriate for a Shambhala Center.

  • based on recommendations made during the fengshui site visit.

2. Determine the square footage and type of space needed according usage.

  • this stage is called Facility Programming, for more details go to Programming
  • programmatic considerations for facilities programming can be done off-site.

C. Designing the floor plan

1. Designing the flow of space and movement between areas of the space.

  • some guidelines on architectural space planning can be found on this site under Architectural Guidelines
  • a center can submit a proposed floor plan for the panel to review.
  • a center can ask the panel to send an architect or designer to visit the site and do space planning.
  • a center can hire a local architect to work in conjunction with the panel on a floor plan.

2. Advice on building codes and regulations, permits etc.

D. Designing the Interiors and Landscaping

1. Shrines

2. Decor – wall paint, furniture, flooring, etc.

  • general guidelines are provided on this site in the Shambhala Centre Decor Guidelines.
  • an independent consultant can be recommended by the Panel.
  • a local professional can be hired to work in conjunction with a member of the Panel.

3. Outdoor landscaping

  • it is recommended that a local professional be hired to work in conjunction with a member of the Advisory Panel.

E. Signage and Heraldry

  • specific questions regarding signage can be addressed to the panel member who has expertise in the area.  Mary Sweet: [email protected]
  • specific questions regarding heraldry can be addressed to the panel member who has expertise.  Gina Stick: [email protected]