Shambhala Environments

A Shambhala environment is a physical space that is sacred: sacredness is the foundational principle of Shambhala culture and our built environment. A Shambhala sacred space is one in which innate goodness is mature and fully manifest – visible and palpable. [ Read more … ]

Creating Our Centres

Creating our Shambhala Centres is a process of joining Heaven and Earth. Through developing, uplifting and expanding our Centers, the Sakyong’s vision for creating enlightened society can be established on this earth. The Sakyong’s Advisory Panel on Shambhala Environments was formed based on the wishes of the Sakyong, to help with that process. [ Read more … ]

Further Study

If you would like to explore more deeply some of the principles involved in developing your centre, or you would like to see examples of what other Centres have been doing…  [ Read more … ]